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Why Hemp Butter

It’s all natural, and All-in-one

<span class="light">It’s</span> all natural, and All-in-one

In a world saturated with so many different health and beauty products we often times forget the skin's primary functions, protection, regulation, and sensation. In caring for the skin and hair it’s not about the quantity of products you use, it’s about the quality. We bring you an all natural, all-in-one solution to simply enhance your bodies natural functions.

It’s more than just another ingredient

<span class="light">It’s</span> more than just another ingredient

We pride ourselves on producing a premium product with over 5,000 mg of Organic Hemp. Hemp Butter is not just another product with hemp in it, it is Hemp. Sourced from the highest quality plants on earth.

It’s sustainable

<span class="light">It’s</span> sustainable

Our goal is to provide our family of customers with eco friendly alternatives that are better for the world. Hemp and bamboo are two of the most renewable resources on the planet. We bring you both, nourishment for the skin, and love for the environment. The true meaning of green living.

Hemp Butter All-In-One
When it comes to moisturizing Hemp Butter All-in-One is the one that does it all. Our original flagship product. Great for use on hair, hands, body, cuticles, and more!
Hemp Balmz
Feed your lips with hemp. Our newest blend comes in FOUR fun flavors. All flavors are food safe with organic oils that use a proprietary extraction method without the use of drying alcohol.
CBD-free Melon Berry Bash
Try our CBD-free Hemp Balmz, Melon Berry Bash. A strawberry, watermelon flavor blend just as sweet as it sounds!

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